Sunday, September 22, 2013

Workbench addition

Well I finally got around to adding some storage to my workbench.  I built the box awhile ago but was putting off the drawers for some unknown reason.  This addition serves a few very nice purposes.  First of all it will hopefully help me keep a tidier shop will having my hand tools close by.  It will allow me to get rid of an old worn out work surface that wasn't doing me much good, unless you count collecting clutter a useful purpose.  And finally, it will add some much needed heft and weight to the bench so it doesn't skid around when I'm doing some serious planing.  You can see the sand bags underneath that had been serving this purpose.

I just got some handles that I still need to install. I've also been spending some time building some custom inserts to organize things.  So far only one of the drawers is done with my smoothers, block plane, chisels, and a removable tray for some small stuff that I always seem to have to hunt for.  I'll update with more pics as things progress.  

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