Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stickley Chest

I've always been drawn to Arts and Crafts and Mission style furniture and have been dying to build a real classic piece for awhile now.  I particularly like Stickley so that's what I decided to do.  I've been wanting to build the Stickley nine drawer chest for my daughter, but that's a heck of a project and I haven't found the time or motivation to get after it quite yet.  When my wife's best friend got engaged I knew it was the perfect opportunity to do a more modest chest.  After a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and an opportunity to see the "real deal" the deal was sealed and I knew my next project.

I"m afraid I won't be doing the snazzy corner brackets and hasps or those nice pyramid head nails.

Getting started

Turns out it takes a lot of lumber to build a chest like this.  After an exorbitant amount of time spent color and grain matching thus is what I ended up with out of three 1x8x12ft quarterswan white oak boards.

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