Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bandsaw restoration

I spent some time in the shop preparing the saw for the new parts I ordered.  First task was to get the tires off. The top one came off in one piece but the bottom was a different story.  Regardless they both came off relatively easy.  The glue holding them on was a different story.  Lots of mineral spirits, a screwdriver as a scraper and lots of patience.  30-40 minutes later they were both cleaned up and ready for the new urethane tires that should be here next week.  I did find something interesting underneath the tires.  There is a line of holes drilled into both the top and bottom wheel.  My only guess is that it was an attempt to take a bit of weight off to balance them.  It either worked or was a waste of time because the wheels spin beautifully.  I also spent some time cleaning up the table top.  Went through progression from a rag with oil to 80 grit on ROS all the way up to 600 wet/dry by hand.  I was hoping it would have shined up a bit more but i guess I don't need to check for stuff in my teeth on my bandsaw table.

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