Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Introduction to Hand Planes resources

Learning about hand planes can have a pretty steep learning curve. That's why its so important to get that vital, hands-on practice during class. The resources included here should provide you with a basic introduction to the parts of a plane and how they work. They will help reinforce what you learned in class and help you go a little deeper into the craft. If you have questions about anything hand plane related or are looking for some small project lumber, Please reach out by leaving a comment below. 

Old fashioned resources 
For those of you who prefer to read, the link below takes you to a Google drive page with a handful of articles from various woodworking magazines. 

New fashioned resources 
Videos are a powerful tool for learning. I've selected these videos based on a few factors that make it easy for a beginner to understand. If these don't quite 'speak' to you, please browse around YouTube for something else. There is no shortage of hand plane videos. 

Educational Video on “Influence of the Cap-iron on Hand Plane” from giant Cypress on Vimeo.

Other useful resources
Links to modern day plane makers

Lie Nielsen 

Veritas/Lee Valley

Wood River

The Superior Works: Patrick's Blood and Gore - Don't let the name fool you. This is the most exhaustive site on the web when it comes to information about every plane Stanely ever made.

Woodnet.net is my favorite online forum for all things woodworking. It's also a good place to find quality used tools at a fair price.

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