Friday, May 4, 2012

The cradle has taken shape!

The last session in the shop really came together with some exciting results:

-The end posts are done, complete with mortise for the wedged mortise and tenon joint.  

-The stretcher is almost complete. I still need to put a cap on it that will add some decoration and strengthen the joints.  

-I've been fine tuning the joinery, as I go, with my new shoulder plane.  I'm so happy I finally got one of these planes.  

After getting butterflies in my stomach from looking at this thing held together with clamps I had to take it all apart, again.  I am going to finish the end panels before I fully assemble the frame so I started sanding them.  Its mostly small details left on the construction part but there's still plenty of sanding and finishing to go... Oh and don't forget the roundovers.   I've got some ideas for finish that I hope to try on some scraps this weekend.   I would love it if I could start applying finish next week.  



  1. Huge Step! This project is turning out great!

  2. Thanks. It was really exciting to see it all together, even if it was held by clamps. The wife is going to be out of town overnight so I'll have lots of uninterrupted shop time this weekend.