Monday, April 30, 2012

new arrivals

I was on a walk today with the dogs and took notice of a few new arrivals.  Actually I heard a house wren before I went for a walk, as I was working in the shop this morning.  There is usually a nesting pair in the little patch of woods in our alley.  On the walk I heard a chipping sparrow in the distance.  I heard more that one during the walk but not very many.  This must be the first few of the year.  I also saw and heard some brown headed cowbirds.  There was a song that I was hearing in the distance that I just wasn't able to put my finger on.  I was thinking it was a cardinal at first but then moved on to thinking catbird or brown thrasher.  Thrashers have been reported in Duluth already so that would be a reasonable guess.  I'm thinking its still a little bit early for catbirds.  I've been asked again to be a leader at Boulder Birding  Big Day in a couple of weeks so I best be getting out and doing some bird watching to refresh my memory on songs and keep track of the new arrivals.

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