Friday, April 6, 2012

The jointer is TIRED!!

That pile of lumber has now been turned into row of nicely jointed and planed boards that is starting to resemble a benchtop.  It was no easy task running those long boards over my 6in jointer.  I tried a few times in vain to run the full board over before I came to my senses.  I was just too excited to get started i guess.  The first thing i realized is that I should rip the boards down to a near-finish width.  This both makes it more manageable on the jointer and it gives the effect of a flatter board.  The circular saw did just fine for the ripping.  My next challenge was to support the ends of the board on the infeed and outfeed sides of the jointer.  This was easily enough accomplished but lots of screwing around getting them both level and flat with the jointer bed.   And finally, I needed to keep the boards flat on the outfeed side of the jointer.  I started with one feather board clamped to the fence but soon realized I needed to spread the downward pressure across more of the board so I stacked a couple of feather boards.  It was quite the setup but it worked.  
a serious hill of shavings!!

All of the boards planed down nicely but some of them are even less that an inch think after getting them milled flat.  Oh well, nothing a gallon of titebond won't take care of.  I stared to edge joint on the machine but again realized the boards were just tool long for my small jointer. It looks like I have a few more hours of jointing by hand!!  I just picked up some 800 and 1100 grit sandpaper so my plane blade will be honed to a mirror and make easy work of these narrow boards.  

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