Thursday, March 29, 2012

WHOA Lumber!!!

Well I finally got the lumber for the bench top and I think I got more than I need.  Its all pretty rough so I have a lot of work ahead of me to get it all squared up and ready for glue.  It looks like most of the boards are going to take a combination of methods to achieve flatness.  I'll probably get after them with the jack plane to knock down the real high spots, then head to the power jointer, and then the power planer.  

I also got my used bench vice from the same place as the wood.  It's a little tough looking but I think I can get it freshened up nice.  The tail vice also came in the mail from Lee Valley yesterday.  It's been an exciting week.  I now have everything I need to complete the workbench.  Next week I start working nights so I'll have all day in the shop so hopefully this work will get done in short order.  It all depends on how my hands and wrists hold up.  For some reason running boards over the jointer always gave me a hard time.  

The plan for the upcoming week is to finish the base with the draw bolts I picked up yesterday.  They are 8in long and 3/8in round.  Getting the boards milled for the top will be an ongoing thing while I fit in some work on the cradle as well.  

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