Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cradle update

I've had a little trouble concentrating on the cradle since I got the wood for the bench legs... But I forced myself to get some work done on the priority project.  It wasn't hard to switch gears since I was just going from cleaning out big mortises to small mortises.  I started on the side rails.  I got the mortises all laid out and roughed our at the drill press.  Then it was just a matter of cleaning up the sides with the chisels.  I got 2 finished and 2 to go.  I have to be careful with working on the stiles and tenons until I get the end assemblies finished up.  The frames are pretty much done and should change dimensions but I would feel better having them done before I move on to the next step that relies on their measurements.  

Tonight I finished cleaning up the mortises.  They should all be awfully damn close in size.  I made them all 1/4" wide and my chisel fits in perfectly with hardly any wiggle room.  That will make the tenons much easier to make.  I also got the feet and legs drawn on so it's time to get things bandsawn.  

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