Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Hand Plane Carnage

After a weekend of playing in the snow and starting a new job I finally got back into the shop this weekend.  I got a few more pieces roughed out and ready for the spindle sander.  I went and picked up what should be the last piece of lumber for the project.  Its for the legs which should be the last piece that I have to rough out.  I found a different source for lumber recently and it's about half the price I was paying before.  Along with that nice price it also takes quite a bit more work to get it to finished quality, a few twists and warps and such.  Since this piece for the legs is too big for my 6" jointer I had to get after it with my hand planes.  I started with the 27 1/2 woodie that I recently got fully refurbished.  Then I used the #5 Bailey and finished up with a #6 jointer. I think it should be flat enough on one side to get it through the power planer.  

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