Saturday, March 17, 2012

The first "birds" part

It sounds like early spring birding is upon us, even though it's supposed to still be winter...  I've been hearing purple finches singing away for weeks now.  They really have a nice voice.  It just seems so bubbly and cheery.  I also started hearing robins earlier this week. They aren't singing from the roof peaks yet , just giving partial songs from nondescript branches and stuff.  I'm curious how many of them are the residents that spent the winter here surviving off mountain ash and other berries and how many are new migrants.  It has been even more insanely warm to the south so it wouldn't surprise me if they are already on the migration trail.  I've also seen and heard a few black birds, redwings for sure.  And the blue jays are acting a little goofy.  Making some real neat calls that only they can do.  Once they make any noises other than their characteristic harsh 2 note call we can assume that blue jay love is in the air.  

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