Monday, February 18, 2013

Holy sheet, plywood

After calling around town I found a good price on some oak plywood and they were nice enough to cut the sheets in half to fit in my car.  It's really nice stuff but I'm afraid the color match isn't so great. I'm going to have to try some different things with oil or stain to try for a better match.  It's always a gamble mixing real and plywood.

I spent some time this weekend breaking down the plywood the rest of the way.  The next step was to cut some dadoes for the fixed shelves and the top. I would have loved to use the dado blade in my table saw but I'm just not set up for crosscuts on six foot shelf sides.  I did consider building a crosscut sled for dadoes but I just didn't want to take the time and have to worry about storing it.  Luckily the plywood is actually very, very close to 3/4 in so I was able to use the router along with a guide. 

The extra little piece of hardboard on the router is to keep it from rocking off the straightedge guide, worked great. The next task is to get the edging mounted to the fixed shelf, cut the dadoes for the shelf standards, and get the case glued up.  Then its on the the real wood framing and the crown moulding and other embellishments on the top. 

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