Monday, October 29, 2012

some new (to me) planes

I had the chance to visit an antique shop this weekend that has a ton of hand tools.  I have been there once before and must have drooled for at least an hour and walked out with 3 planes.  I had intentions of visiting again this summer but I was very disappointed to find out, as I pulled up to the door, they were closed on Sundays.  I was so excited to make it back this time... but just my luck I was only going to be there on a Sunday. So I thought what the hell, they seemed like a nice old couple, I called up and they were willing to meet me there on Sunday.  I must have thanked them a hundred times and of course left with three more planes.  He charged me $50 for the trio.  It helped out that the hand tool booth belonged to the owners.

The trio


I knew I wanted a block plane for sure and found a nice Stanley #9 1/2.  This is my first block plane so I've got some practice ahead.  There's a little bit of cleanup to do but it's in good working shape.  I was kinda looking for a #3 but ended up with another #4 instead.  The thing is practically new.  The last grab was a #5.  I already have one of these too but its my favorite so I'm sure a second one will get used.  The one I already have is made in England and on comparison is a bit heftier. Oh and the new one needs a new back tote but is in otherwise good shape.


Broken handle

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Here's some comparison shots of of the new and old (relatively speaking).

Stanley is new, Wards Master is old.

Wards Masters has the red frog and big brass knob

Made in England has the chrome cap and adjustment knob

The frogs have a few very notable differences 

 Made in England has a couple extra ribs behind the rear tote for added rigidity I guess. 

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