Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bookshelf visits the dentist

One particular detail of this project I was excited about was the dentil moulding. I'll admit I was a little intimidated but once I got started it was a breeze.  The biggest headache is figuring out the spacing of the "teeth" so that your mitred corners work out.  The mitre gauge jig was simple as can be. Just like one you'd use for finger joints along with the dado blade.  The next step was to get the blade just the right height so that it didn't cut into the roundover on the piece.  So after dialing it on a piece of scrap pine I went to town on the oak and bada bing. Super easy way to add a classical detail that looks great.

 This last picture jumps ahead but shows the moulding installed. It illustrates nicely what I meant about the corners working out. You don't really want to end up with a sliver of a block or worse yet a groove right on the corner.

Up next is the construction of the back panel.

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