Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finishing but not Finished

One of the big dilemmas with this project was matching the color between the solid oak and the plywood.  I tried a number of things from staining, boiled linseed oil, amber shellac and combinations of all of them.  I finally decided on a mix of two different stains for the plywood and just a coat of BLO on the solid wood. This is a very short explanation of what a hassle color matching was. Next time I'll be going straight to using dye instead.  I'm not too familiar with dye but I understand that this would have been a great application.  Well, live and learn right.

Because I colored the two different materials differently it was tricky deciding in what order to color and assemble the shelf.  I ultimately decided to color all the parts before assembly, which in turn led to some other details to deal with. Namely, getting good glue adhesions between mating pieces. I didn't think glue would have adhered well to oiled wood so this was easy enough to address with some blue tape.

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