Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Migration update

The ridiculously late spring has made it seem like the migration is progressing very slowly, but after looking at some old lists and checking eBird, things aren't what they seem.  Things are relatively on time.  I've been sneaking in some birding before work lately and haven't been seeing much new but I'd expect lots of warblers to be showing up any day now.  There have been a few clear nights and sunny days in a row so the birds couldn't ask for better migration conditions, except maybe a strong south wind.  I sure hope things pick up by this weekend because I'm leading a group for Boulder Birding Big Day up at Boulder Lake Dam. Its a great event that I haven't missed in years and there have been times in the past that it was the first day of the year that I saw many species.  Hopefully the weather is good and the warblers are plentiful.

A short list of current species:
swamp sparrow
ruby-crowned kinglet
yellow-rump warbler
horned grebe
brown creeper
hermit thrush
I thought I heard both chimney swifts and mourning doves but didn't see them.
There are other ubiquitous species out there that I just take for granted not on the list, eg. blackbird, song sparrow, robin etc.

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